Headwaters River Journey
Opening Summer 2019

Here in Colorado, water is truly one of our most precious elements. We swim in it. We fish in it. We drink it. Nature relies on it. And soon, we will focus on all things water with the new Headwaters River Journey—a 4,400 square foot educational facility here to inspire positive change for water conservation and river preservation. The indoor exhibits will set the stage for your outdoor experiences among nearby wetlands and along the Fraser River.

Rivers in the Western United States undergo stress from a variety of sources. Diversions. Climate change. Population increase. General choices concerning water use. The good news is that recent polls reveal 80% of Coloradans

understand the serious impact caused by low river levels while 75% favor conservation and using water with good care.

With so many people here to protect and support our environment, the new Headwaters River Journey will be the one place where we keep solutions flowing, along with our rivers.

Visit the ground floor of Headwaters Center, where our informative exhibits will focus on water issues in general, and headwaters in particular.

From here, you may embark on many different nature-based activities, such as biking, fishing, and snowshoeing.

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